About Us

LaShawnna Stanley, a teenagae mom at the age of 15 was determined not to become a statistic, fresh out of high school started working a entry level position for a stock brokerage firm.After 10 years in corporate america decided to become an entrepreneur and opened her own clothing boutique. Originally from Kansas City, Missouri, LaShawnna Stanley decided to leave the safe confines of her hometown and gamble on making it big in a larger market. So she packed up her things and moved down to Miami, Florida. One day LaShawnna was asked to find some pretty women for a video shoot and the rest was history. Today just about every hot music video you see on BET, MTV, and not to mention blockbuster films feature at least on of Ms. Stanley's Ethnicity Models. She has pretty much monopolized and along the way worked to clean up the negative image of women in music videos. Stanley has built a mini empire of models and talent by defying expectations. The models do not conform to the physical stereotypes of the mainstream fashion industry.


ETHNICITY specializes in ethnic talent for music videos, films, commercials, urban clothing lines and an array of other marketing campaigns. Filling a significant void in the industry thereby creating an outlet for ethnic talent all over the world. Over the past several years Ethnicity has become one of the most popular and largest resources for ethnic talent in the world. Ethnicity is pleased to offer this new submission process to aspiring talent. We believe it is the most effective way for talent to become a part of the Ethnicity family and have their photos reviewed by our top clients, which will help new talent get their careers started. To improve the photo submission process and speed up response times, Ethnicity will now be accepting photo submissions on-line through www.ethnicitytalent.com website. Your profile will remain in our talent database, where our clients search for new talent when working on new projects. Ethnicity is internet based company representing talent all over the world.

ETHNICITY'S unique ethnic backgrounds provide an exotic flavor that can't be manufactured. The ethnic backgrounds have roots in Africa, Haiti, Jamaica, Panama, Brazil, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic just to name a few of the countries and islands we can trace our ancestry to. The cultural diversity of Ethnicity is the strongest key point of the company. ETHNICITY is based in Miami Beach, the gateway from Latin America,the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa to the United States. Being an internet based company allows us to represent talent and have clients all over the world.

Changing Perceptions

Black and White are colors not Ethnicities! Ethnicity poses the question "In a BLACK & WHITE world.......What's YOUR Ethnicity?"