Q- What does it take to be an Ethnicity Model?

A-Ethnicity Models are experienced, professional, top booking models that have worked in major markets such as Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Chicago and have high-quality tearsheets.

Q- If I am interested in becoming an Ethnicity Model, how can I apply?

A- Register on-line at www.ethnicitytalent.com, upload snapshots,professional or polaroid pictures that best represent how you really look(make sure we can clearly see your face and full body), please be sure to include your stats and contact information.

If your look and experience qualifies as an Ethnicity Model, one of our representatives will contact you for an interview when we do our open calls for new faces. Otherwise your profile will remain in our talent database, where our clients search for new talent when working on new projects.

Q- What is Ethnicity Talent?

A- Ethnicity Talent provides an jump start opportunity for new models and talent who would like the opportunity to be seen by our clients and be considered for bookings. The requirements for Ethnicity Talent are much more relaxed than that of Ethnicity Models. This is great for new models and talent who may not have the resources to have professional photos taken, who are working on their portfolios or who would just like to see what the response to them will be before investing hundreds or thousands of dollars on photos, composite cards, modeling courses, model searches or conventions.?
We understand that starting out and getting the attention of a reputable agency can be a difficult undertaking. We also understand that by giving a new model an opportunity we could have a future superstar on our hands. Ethnicity Talent is the best of both worlds, new models get incredible exposure to top clients and international agencies who visit our website every day and we have the opportunity to be involved in a budding career right from the start. We are pleased to provide this unique opportunity to new models and talent.


A- New models and talent begin in Ethnicity Talent (see above). To be considered as an actual Ethnicity Model you must have professional experience and high quality tearsheets (magazine or commercial work) in your portfolio, and approved by our CEO.
Models with professional experience and high quality tear sheets in your portfolio, we recommend registering as a basic member. Post your professional photos, tear sheets and list your modeling experience. If your look fits into the Ethnicity market you will be contacted to come in for an interview when we do our open calls for new faces.


A- Ethnicity will contact you by email first and then by telephone to provide you with the details of the casting or direct booking. Please note, you will be contacted when we have a definite casting or booking for you. Ethnicity is simply too busy to contact models if a client has only expressed an interest, has put them "on hold" or "on option" or if we are in the negotiation stage of the booking.


A- Professional pictures are not necessary to get started in our talent database. Clear snap shots are ok, as long as the shots are clear and the client can clearly see your face and body. DO NOT POST CELL PHON E PICTURES.However we do suggest that eventually you invest in professional photos. Look through magazines and online to see what looks are "in" for the season and try to keep your pictures up-to-date.

Q- Can you give us specific information on a look that your clients are seeking?

A- No. Unfortunately, the look that a client is looking for may change periodically. It depends on what type of job they are seeking models for. Try to look through magazines to see what looks are "in" for the season and try to keep your pictures up-to-date.

Q- Are there any height, weight or other requirements for being an Ethnicity model or talent?

A- No specific requirements. Ethnicity offers modeling opportunities to all categories of models (commercial, print, runway, plus size, fitness, editorial, child, etc.) Again, the looks change periodically, and you never know when a client needs someone with your look.

Q- What do we look for in models?

A- Ethnicity represents male and female models with exotic ethnic looks and physically fit physiques. There is no standard look; nice face, skin, teeth and toned body are major factors, however being pretty does not mean that your look is what's marketable at that time. Every client that requests models is looking for a specific look and you may or may not fit those criteria. If clients do not choose you for certain jobs basically means that your look is not the look they are booking at this time.
The market is constantly changing and looking for new looks we will refer to your profile which remains in our database for one year. It is the client's discretion as to what looks are in at any given time, Ethnicity does not decide. Either you have the look that they are looking for or not. It's nothing personal against you or the way you look. We've had beautiful models not book jobs because they were too pretty and the client was looking for a more natural look.

Q- Does Ethnicity represent children or actors?

A- Ethnicity typically receive requests for male and female models between the ages of 17-25, with exotic ethnic looks and physically fit physique's. Due to overwhelming requests for all types of Ethnic talent we've recently expanded our talent database for all types of ethnic people; women, men, children, grandparents and actors for television commercials, print advertisement, movies and music videos. Please register and upload your snapshots, headshot or comp card which we will remain in our database and is available for our clients to view when searching for talent for specific projects. We recommend only registering as a basi member for these catergories.

Q- Do we rep models in other cities?

A- Ethnicity is an internet based company allowing us to represent models and have clients all over the world. We work with models from all over the world but the major markets are Miami, Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston and Canada. Occasionally models are flown in for a job. Also jobs may come up in other smaller markets. We only guarantee that you will be promoted on our website and comp cards will be submitted for potential jobs. It is totally the client's discretion of which models they choose to work with or fly in for an assignment.

Q- What if I'm not accepted as an Ethnicity Model what happens to my profile that was submitted?

A- Your profile will be a part of the Ethnicity Talent database, allowing our top clients to view your page and gives you a chance to possibly get work with one of our clients.

Q- Can being in the Talent Database help me if I want to become a model?

A- Yes. By posting your profile, you are allowing our top clients to view your page and possibly get work.

Q- By posting my pictures in the Talent Database, am I guaranteed work?

A- No. Every client that views your page is looking for a specific look and you may or may not fit those criteria.

Q- Which clients have access to find models on in the Ethnicity Talent database?

A- Please view our clients" list, we acquire new clients everyday.

Q- What type of pictures would you recommend I post on my page?

A- 1. You should have a close-up headshot; a three quarters shot (from the waist up), and a full- length body shot (with fitted clothing or bikini to show your figure).

  1. A minimal amount of make up is always good.
  2. Keep hair simple.
  3. Smile in some, but not all pictures. This way the client can see you with a variety of looks.
  4. No accessories or trendy clothing that will date your pictures, or distract from the client seeing you.
  5. Be sure to post clear, sharp photos. Blurry pictures will effect how well the client can see you.
  6. The pictures do not have to be professional photos, quality snapshots are fine

Q- What happens if a client is interested in me, and wants to book me for job?

A- Ethnicity will be sure that client is able to contact you. Make sure all of your account information is current. When booking jobs Ethnicity will contact you with a booking agreement that explains all of the details needed when working with one of our clients.

Q- What happens if I am a platinum member and join a casting project?

A- Your profile is entered into that casting to be considered. If our look or qualifications fit what the client is looking for, you will receive an email with casting information. If your look is not what that client is looking for at that time, you will not be contacted at all. Some castings posted do not require talent to attend an acutual audition, sometimes client will book talent based of the pictures and information in their profile, this is called a direct booking. Ethnicity talent will contact you via email or a phone call. Make sure your contact information in your profile is current. Good luck and have fun!

Q- What happens if I am a basic member and want to upgrade to a platinum member do I get a refund?

A- No once your profile is setup, you do not receive a refund. You are more than welcome to upgrade your account at anytime. If you request a refund thru paypal we will remove your profile from our database. Absolutely NO REFUNDS. You can cancel or upgrade a subscription at anytime but there are no refunds.